Last night I was reading the 1992 article written by Benjamin Barber (later to be turned into a book) known as Jihad vs. McWorld. However, the entire time I was reading it, all I could think of was the following…Continue Reading →

Language is a Drug

I have been musing over Alan Moore’s concept of Aklo in The Courtyard (originally published separately, now found in the Neonomicon graphic novel). For those unfamiliar, the idea which permeates is that Aklo, (a fictional language coined by Machen and…Continue Reading →


My friend, the illustrious marine biologist Niels Hobbs, approached me one day and whispered the details of a terrible dream into my ear. One with eldritch, cyclopean, and non-euclidean connotations attached to it. I smiled with blasphemous glee and agreed…Continue Reading →

Tarot a-go-go

The fun never stops, it seems. Awesome photo shoot with Elizabeth (Queen of Swords) yesterday. Julie tomorrow, and two more photo shoots scheduled for next week. Jay and I are perpetually brainstorming, and a proper Magician card is currently in…Continue Reading →

Chugging Along

Been tidying up the site lately and editing as much as possible. Added both a Links page and a Contacts page. In an hour I’ll be meeting up with Jay Gidwitz and a model for another Tarot Project photo shoot….Continue Reading →