Alchemy Works. The materials of magic. Instruction and supplies for the occult practitioner.

NecronomiCon. Providence’s premiere Weird Fiction and Mythos Convention. Have you heard the call?

The Dream Logic Tarot. A Tarot Card set and book being created in collaboration with Jay Gidwitz.

Jay Gidwitz. Artist and reality deviant extraordinaire, as well as my art project partner in crime.

The Witches’ Almanac. Ever a keepsake.

The Hermetic Library. You could probably read all of the information here if you had a few spare decades to kill.

Adam McLean’s Alchemy Website. Truly of epic proportions.

Robert Anton Wilson, aka: Pope Bob. One of the world’s greatest minds. Kallisti!

K. Lenore Siner. Where archetype and identity meet.

Liv Rainey-Smith. Woodcuts, Witchcraft and Weird.

Sarah Anne Lawless. Wortcunner, Herbalist, Traditional Witch.

Poison Apple Printshop. The Occult Art of Adrienne Rozzi.

The Open Source Order of the Golden Dawn. A Hermetic GD-inspired Order that prefers open discourse to stifling secrecy. Well worth a gander.

Stephen Skinner. Author, Hermeticist, Magician and Sage of Feng Shui.

Melody Tuttle. Geometry and the nude form.

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