A Rhode Island native, Anthony Teth grew up wandering and learning from New England’s eldritch woods, shadowy alleyways, and history-laden haunts. A regular bouncer and bartender around Providence for over two decades, he also worked construction, earned a history degree, helped (re)launch and organize a few NecronomiCons, studied with ritualists and herbalists in secretive mystical orders, toured the US and Europe as a heavy metal musician, and wrote and edited copy for The Witches’ Almanac.

Obsessed with all things natural and magical since childhood, Teth recently took over ownership of Alchemy-Works.com, an online shop that allows him to spend his days (and nights) keeping up with his esoteric studies and hand-blending mystical oils and incenses for other practicing occultists, witches, magicians, and spiritual seekers. In addition, Teth sometimes hosts lectures and teaches classes on Occult History and Ritual Magic. A frequent hiker, if you can’t find him in his shop/ritual space, he’s probably out harvesting herbs in a forgotten swamp or photographing a crumbling graveyard somewhere.

He lives with his wife, two cats, several thousand books, a small garden, and over a hundred possibly sentient houseplants.