My friend, the illustrious marine biologist Niels Hobbs, approached me one day and whispered the details of a terrible dream into my ear. One with eldritch, cyclopean, and non-euclidean connotations attached to it. I smiled with blasphemous glee and agreed to support him in his potentially earth-shattering endeavor.

I am very proud to announce that Jay Gidwitz and I shall be teaming up with Neils and his frightening cabal of cultists to help organize NecronomiCON 2013: the premier H.P. Lovecraft and Cthulhu Mythos Convention and Festival! This one will be taking place in Lovecraft’s (and my) hometown of Providence, Rhode Island. Stay tuned for updates not only concerning the Festival in question (and the various stars, presenters, artists, and miscreants involved), but also stay tuned for a brand new series of Occult (and Lovecraft) inspired art from the two of us.