The Magician photo shoot

Thor: “I’ve got a little light in the basement from my days as a lighting tech I can bring up to make it brighter in here for you guys.”
Jay: “Yeah, if its not too much trouble, that would be awesome.”
Anthony: “Yeah, thanks Thor.”

(Thor wanders down into basement, brings back a small tripod with an oddly-shaped light bulb on the end. He sets it up in the corner of the library.)

Anthony: “That thing’s cool looking.”
Thor: “Yeah, its just the little one. I’ve got a brighter one if you need it.”
Jay: “Well, lets turn it on and see.”

(Thor turns on light.)

Anthony: “Dear Gods! My eyes!”
Jay: “It burns!!”
Thor: “Is that bright enough for you? I can get the bigger one from downstairs if you’d like.”
Anthony: “I don’t know what I’m supposed to see besides pain!”