Witches’ Almanac


I am currently employed as a writer and editor for one of my favorite mystical periodicals, The Witches’ Almanac. Some of my work can be found in the following issues:
Issue 36 (Spring 2017-2018) — Water: Our Primal Source
Issue 35 (Spring 2016-2017) — Air: The Breath of Life
Issue 34 (Spring 2015-2016) — Fire, the Transformer
Issue 33 (Spring 2014-2015) — Mystic Earth
Issue 31 (Spring 2012-2013): Radiance of the Sun. My first article for the almanac about the ancient god Mithras.
Due to an editing mishap, my pieces in issue 34 were mis-attributed. Two of my articles were attributed to astrologer Dikki-Jo Mullen, while the others were assigned to ‘Teth Mysterium,’ an old email address of mine.
The articles in question: Planetary Hours, The Lesser Banishing Ritual of the Pentagram, Platonic Influence and Tarot Birthday Correspondences. The original, pre-edited versions of these essays can be found elsewhere on this site.
© Anthony Teth, 2016

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