More Trees!

Since my obsession with herbs and trees appears to be perpetual, I have added a “Wortcunning” section to the website in order to help those interested in learning more about plants and their esoteric history. I shall be posting new…Continue Reading →

Witchy Offerings

  Those of us at The Witches’ Almanac have been busy working on some non-periodically released offerings as of late, such as the newest edition of David Conway’s classic Magic: An Occult Primer and The Witches’ Almanac Coloring Book. One…Continue Reading →

The Call of Lovecraft

I am honored to be part of a brand new Eldritch Walking Tour App known as The Call of Lovecraft (clicky). In connection with Waterfire Providence and the upcoming Necronomicon 2015, this app allows one to learn more about various…Continue Reading →

Got Mythos?

Jay Gidwitz and I had a wonderful promotional photo shoot for the upcoming Necronomicon. Special thanks go to Danielle, our resident cultist, for allowing us to take pictures of her before she completed her eldritch ritual.

NecronomiCON Kickstarter!

Hey there, folks. As I might have previously mentioned, I am helping to organize a rather badass (if I do say so myself) H.P. Lovecraft-themed convention known as the NecronomiCON, which will be held August 23-25, 2013 in Lovecraft’s hometown…Continue Reading →